Empowering People and Organizations to have the Conversations that Matter Most.

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Conflict is inevitable. We empower our clients to not only navigate it, but leverage it, whether a divorce or civil suit, a workplace dispute, a struggling leader or team, or a board tackling a strategical plan. Our innovative approach developed over 20 years of conflict consulting, avoids litigation, saves time & money, strengthens leaders & teams, and increases creativity & collaboration.

Making Peace with Conflict

For Companies & Organizations

Create a paradigm shift in your organization from “conflict avoidant” to “conflict conquering”. We create conflict competent leaders and teams, and cultures that are both productive and delightful places to work through workplace mediation, training, coaching for difficult conversations, contract ombuds services, leadership development, strategic facilitation, team building and comprehensive conflict culture interventions.

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For Individuals

Go from “stuck” to “stellar.’ We give clients innovative and cost effective ways to resolve disputes and avoid litigation in divorce, employment/workplace, personal injury, bankruptcy, and business/commercial matters through mediation. For those who want to be proactive, we provide conflict skills and mediation training to increase your conflict competence and conflict coaching to prepare for difficult conversations and long term conflict plans.

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