Step 1 – Conflict Culture Assessment

To better understand the sources of conflict in the organization and how to effectively address them, a Conflict Culture Assessment is completed. Individual interviews are conducted with as many employees as possible. The process is confidential as it only reports trends and/or comments that individual employees wish to have shared. Completing the assessment has an added benefit of employees having a sense of being heard. This simple step can start the journey to better engagement.

Step 2 – Action Agenda

Out of the Assessment a customized Action Agenda is developed that can include suggested policy changes, mediation, training, team building, conflict coaching and/or Ombuds services. Many times there are easy, no cost fixes that can have a substantial positive effect on the culture. These recommended services are list in an a la carte fashion and are individually priced.

Step 3 – Implementation

After completing the Assessment and Action Agenda, we work with clients to determine the best way to implement an intervention based on their goals, budget, and other demands on their team’s time.

Step 4 – Sustaining Improvements

We work with clients to make sure improvements to their culture are sustained by making sure leadership is well developed, new employees will be trained and there will be periodic reinforcement of their new approach to conflict.

Start the Process to Make Peace with Conflict in Your Organization

Let us start the conversation of how our approach can help your organization make peace with conflict so you can begin to leverage it for innovation, collaboration, and better team work to move you towards your strategic goals.

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