Work Place Mediation

We provide mediation services to employees and managers that need help facilitating a conversation to resolve a dispute, gain understanding, and figure out how to move forward and work together. We work with clients to determine if there should be checkins after the original mediation to make sure the resolution is sustained.

Leadership Development

We provide leadership development coaching and training at all levels of an organization. We help create “conflict competent” leaders who can deal with both their own internal conflicts and the conflicts of those they lead. Coaching is personalized to align with their personal goals and the goals of the organization. Our individual coaching has at its base an assessment of their personality strengths and challenges, so we can focus on leveraging and navigating how they are hardwired to help them reach their full potential. We also have success working with an entire leadership team to help them create a framework for handling anything that comes their way by grounding them in their “why?” and teaching them to struggle “with” and not “against” each other to solve problems with innovation.

Hogan Assessments™

We offer our clients the whole range of Hogan Assessment™ products from selection, to team building, to leadership development. We have found that Hogan Assessments™ provide the best and most accurate information to help clients make decisions and develop their leaders and teams.

Conflict Skills Training/Leading Out of Drama™ Curriculum

We provide customized conflict skills trainings as well as Next Element’s Leading Out of Drama™ Curriculum, which was developed by one of our Co”lab”orators, Behavioral Psychologist Nate Regier, Ph.D.. These trainings teach your team and leaders new skills and create a common vocabulary around conflict that keeps everyone focused on struggling “with” instead of “against” each other.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching empowers leaders and team members to address their conflicts skillfully through self discovery, perspective taking and learning new skills. Although we are often employed to deal with a particular conflict, the empowerment stays with clients to use going forward in all aspects of their lives.

Contract Ombuds

For smaller companies and organizations who do not have a Human Resources department, a Contract Ombuds can provide a vehicle for employees to work through issues. In addition, there are advantages over a Human Resources office. Issues are dealt with informally and confidentially, which creates a safe space to resolve inevitable conflicts without the cost of traditional legal investigations and lawsuits. An Ombuds also helps leaders understand concerning trends occurring in the organization so that they can be promptly dealt with before they become larger, more costly issues. Because of this, research has shown that on average organizations get an eleven dollar return on every dollar they spend for the cost for an Organizational Ombuds.

Facilitated Conversations, Meetings, Strategic Planning

Sometimes a skilled facilitator that is focused on providing a safe space for inclusive dialogue, is all that is necessary for a team or a board to finally have meaningful, productive conversation. Our process identifies interests, helps generate options, and builds consensus and commitment. This is achieved through creating a safe space for conversation where everyone’s voice is heard. This process works equally well in heated board meetings as it does in more light hearted strategical planning retreats.

Team Building

We help organizations build stronger teams through incorporating conflict competence skills, empowering them to have difficult conversations, and creating engagement around common purpose. We enjoy seeing teams that were once tearing each other apart and pointing fingers start having empathy for each other and collaborating.

Start the Process to Make Peace with Conflict in Your Organization

Let us start the conversation of how our approach can help your organization make peace with conflict so you can begin to leverage it for innovation, collaboration, and better team work to move you towards your strategic goals.

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