What is your pricing for services?

Our pricing varies by assignment with a reduced rate for work with nonprofits and for longterm projects. We work with clients to determine their budget for services and unbundle services so they can create a solution that is effective and affordable for them. Many times our initial assessment reveals no cost solutions for conflict prevention. Please contact us for specific pricing for your mediation needs, training, or project.

Will I need to pay a retainer for mediation or other services?

No. We do not charge a retainer for mediation or other services. We have found because our clients are active participants in the process, they are part of the work and are comfortable with the fees we charge. For ongoing mediation clients, we have a “pay as you go” policy similar to a therapist. (Divorce mediation clients literally pay tens of thousands dollars less for a mediated divorce compared to a litigated divorce.) For full day mediations or trainings, we may ask that the fee be paid 14 days prior to the scheduled event due to the inability to schedule other work.

Can you develop a customized training for our group or organization?

Yes, we often develop customized conflict, leadership, team building and soft skills trainings based on our clients’ needs. We will first sit down with you to assess what your needs are, giving you our opinion as what format and length of training will be most effective to meet your goals. We will work with you through development to both stay within your budget and deliver results. Sometimes what an organization or group needs isn’t a training, but some facilitated group discussions over a period of time. We will work with you to see what approach is going to deliver the most sustainable results.

Although I would like you to help with my dispute, my type of situation isn’t mentioned anywhere on your site, can you help?

The beauty of The Conflict Lab is that we have the nimbleness and depth of experience to evaluate and help you with conflict in both fairly simple and terribly complex situations and mediations. However, if after spending time understanding your situation, we assess that you need something outside of what we can provide, either due to content or scale, we have a large network of connections in the field both locally and nationally. We will refer and personally connect you to someone who can help you.

What geographic region does The Conflict Lab cover?

We are physically located in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh. However, we have both a national and international reach having worked in the United States from New Jersey to California and many places in between and across the globe. Some of our most recent work has included places such as Uganda, Ghana, India, Amsterdam, and Mexico.