Our Approach

Unlike many mediators who mediate a few cases a year or look to mediation as their retirement plan from the practice of law, our mediators have decades of focused, hands on experience mediating a wide array of cases and studying dispute resolution. It is a difference that shows in our work and our thoughtful customized approach.

Founder, Selina J. Shultz, Esq., LL.M. is recognized nationally for her skill and being a thought leader in the field. She teaches mediation at Pepperdine Law Schools Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, the highest ranked Dispute Resolution Program in the United States. Our Co”Lab”orator mediators all have substantial years of high level mediation experience, including high level academic study and/or teaching experience. You will be in experienced hands with one of our mediators.

Our Services


We provide mediation services for all aspects of separation, custody and divorce with over 20 years of experience of successfully handling cases from the most amicable and simple to the most contentious and complex at costs thousands of dollars less than the traditional litigation process.

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Our services include mediation of civil litigation cases, including employment, personal injury, bankruptcy and business cases. We are on the mediation panels for the Western District of Pennsylvania, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, the Contract EEOC Panel, and Home Depot’s Presuit Program for personal injury cases.

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We are especially equipped to mediate cases outside of the legal realm that focus on relationship issues, these include the mediation of business relationships, family disputes, board issues, marriage issues (including facilitating a premarital discussion of how a couple will address inevitable marital conflict), neighborhood disputes, and workplace mediations.

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