Types of Relationship Conflict Resolution

Conflict Plan for Newlyweds & Couples

Every married couple is going to encounter many types of conflict over the course of a lifetime together. Despite this fact and the fact that the divorce rate is over 50%, very few couples spend any amount of time or resources to plan for how they are going to navigate it. Worse yet, they often experience surprise and shame when it does happen, feeling it is an indication they weren’t destined to be together.

We have mediated hundreds of divorce cases and are convinced that by taking time at the beginning of a marriage to understand each other’s approach to conflict, learn conflict skills, and make a plan of how they are going to address difficult conversations, couples can prevent inevitable conflict from escalating and damaging their relationship.

Instead, they can leverage conflict to strengthen their understanding of each other, making it easier to navigate the challenges every married couple faces. We will work with the couple over the course of several sessions to 1) understand each others approach to conflict and where it comes from, 2) create a “conflict plan” based on their unique histories, values, and goals for their life together, and 3) develop strong conflict skills based on struggling “with” not “against” each other.

Marital Mediation

In addition to Divorce Mediation, we provide Marital Mediation for couples who are struggling to have difficult conversations, understand each other’s challenges, or work through a difficult situation such as an affair or other betrayal.

Even when couples are committed to staying together, sometimes their strong emotions keep them from being able to do the listening, empathizing, and communicating that will help them move forward. Sometimes couples simply need someone outside of the marriage to help them facilitate a conversation to help them clarify and identify needs and develop options for meeting them. Mediation provides a safe, structured space for these conversations.

Law Firm and Business Partners

We work to help partners in law firms and businesses navigate conflict whether it be strategical discussions, succession planning, or contract disputes. We have successfully facilitated these difficult conversations while leaving relationships not only intact, but improved. Proactive businesses and firms often delve further in wanting to develop conflict skills and address other issues after the initial issue they contacted us for is resolved.

Neighbors & Communities

Navigating living and working by each other in close proximity inevitability creates conflicts to be navigated. We can help neighbors work through disputes or businesses, organizations, or school districts who are wanting to make substantial changes in a neighborhood work with their community and stakeholders to obtain buy-in and support for their projects.

Adult Extended Families

Conflict in families does not stop when we leave home. Often unresolved issues and conflict get adults stuck in issues involving care of parents and resolving estates. We can help facilitate conversations about what to do next and how to plan for the future. We work with all parties involved to bring about resolution, understand interests and meet needs, creating a path forward for extended families.

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