Our Difference

At the Conflict Lab, our goal is to develop more than a bandaid “resolution.” We aim for sustainable “conflict competence” in everything we do.

Our sophisticated, customized approach cuts to the heart of what really matters in your individual or organization’s dilemma. We empower clients to artfully leverage conflict to create positive results, not only in the short term, but in the future as well. It is our mission to change the way people and organizations approach conflict, moving them from “stuck” to launching them forward towards their goals, whether that is working as a team, becoming an effective leader, or successfully navigating a divorce or lawsuit.


At The Conflict Lab, we are passionate about what we do. Why are we driven to do our work? We see the incredible amount of lost potential, time, and money caused by people getting stuck in conflict. We are inspired by how small changes in approach can turn this around and bring out the best in organizations and individuals. We have seen how these relatively small changes have profound effects in people’s lives. We have dedicated our hearts and minds to working toward a paradigm shift in how people view and approach conflict. It is a difference that shows in our work.

Experienced & Disruptive Thought Leaders

When it comes to helping people and organizations navigate conflict, we have not only been around the block, we have been around the country and the world doing our conflict resolution work. The Conflict Lab is a comprehensive conflict consulting and organizational development firm with the strong foundation of over 20 years of experience in the trenches, academic teaching at the highest level, and disruptive thinking on navigating and leveraging conflict.

“All Polishing is Done by Friction”

– Mary Parker Follett

Meeting You Where You Are

Through the leadership of Director Selina J. Shultz, Esq. LL.M. and her team of Independent Co”Lab”orators, The Conflict Lab offers clients customized solutions that work. We meet clients where they are, we don’t push services they don’t need or want, and work within their budget to delight them. We have grown organically through relationships of trust built out of listening, understanding needs, and performing well.

Effective Approaches

Life is full of difficult conversations. We help people and organizations do them well, whether it is through mediation, a facilitated strategic discussion, conflict coaching, learning soft skills, developing leaders, building teams, or a full blown “conflict culture intervention.” Our approaches have been developed through both practical experience and our academic work in conflict, neuroscience, and decision making research. We have the experience and nimbleness to help you leverage what appears to be destructive conflict into an opportunity for deeper understanding, collaboration, creativity, and needed change.

Customized Space

Research shows that the right environment elevates thinking. Although we often travel to our clients, our space in the Lawrenceville area of Pittsburgh was uniquely created for mediation, facilitation, and training work. Bright, open, and cozy, with a full kitchen for a pre-mediation meal and a rooftop deck when you need a break, it is the antithesis of a dingy law firm conference room.

Start Making Peace with Conflict

Let us start the conversation of how our approach can move you from letting conflict control you or your organization to how you can begin to use it to move towards your individual or organizational goals.

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