The Conflict Lab provides trainings to the public, organizations and corporations in conflict and mediation skills.

These courses can be custom made for your organization, or you may choose from our standard trainings: We often recommend short trainings over a period of time compared to “one and done” trainings. This is especially true when you are wanting to spur a change in behavior.

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

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The Conflict Lab’s basic 40 hour mediation training is presented in conjunction with Behrend Mediation Services. In addition to comprehensive mediation skills, the training provides an overview of negotiation and conflict theory, Participants are encouraged to develop their own mediation style based on their individual strengths and practice areas. The training includes the sixteen hours of role plays required by the Federal Court ADR program. The course also meets the requirements of CLASP and other court sponsored programs. Course sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention during role plays. This Basic 40 Hour Mediation Training course will be completed over the course of two sessions

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  • Fall 2019: November 7, 8, 9, 21 & 22 8AM-4PM

Contact us to register. A $500 deposit shall guarantee a spot. Classroom size is limited. To reserve a guaranteed space you may provide a deposit. Members of the Mediation Council of Western Pennsylvania and The Pennsylvania Council of Mediators will receive 10% off. To register or to make inquiries, please email us at or contact Ian Mokel at (412)391-7733.

Mary Parker Follett Week

Featuring Discussions, Presentations and Book Signings with Joan Goldsmith and Ken Cloke
November 12-16, 2019.
Presented by Selina Shultz, Esq., LL.M and The Conflict Lab

In honor of Mary Parker Follett, The Prophet of Management and Integrative Bargaining, please join us for a week filled with wisdom and discussion with two of the most respected names in Dispute Resolution and Organizational Development, Ken Cloke and Joan Goldsmith. 

“The Lab is hosting what we hope to be an annual event called Mary Parker Follett Week.  Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933)  is recognized as the “Prophet of Management” in the Organizational Development World.  Bravely speaking out as a woman in that time, she promoted revolutionary ideas of how employees at all levels should be engaged in the workplace.  In 1925, she was the first to write about integrative bargaining in her paper called Constructive Conflict (a theory that was later written about in the well known book Getting to Yes by Fisher & Ury, although her name is not cited there).  The Association for Conflict has recognized that she was an early advocate of resolving conflict by encouraging parties to integrate interests into negotiations by giving an annual Mary Parker Follett Award to an individual who has shown a passion and willingness to take risks; in tackling a contemporary problem or opportunity in the field of dispute resolution; has used innovative and experimental techniques; and draws upon the talents and ideas of all persons involved.

The purpose of Mary Parker Follett Week is twofold, 1.) To honor and build upon her work in dispute resolution, and 2.) To support developing women thought leaders.  This year, I am very excited that my mentors, Ken Cloke and Joan Goldsmith will be presenting four different events at The Lab.”

-Selina J. Shultz, Esq., LL.M The Conflict Lab

November 12, 2019 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Discussion & Book Signing for Joan Goldsmith’s new book, Women Leaders at the Grassroots: 9 Stories and 9 Strategies
No Cost, books available for purchase

November 13, 14 & 15, 2019 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Women’s Leadership Workshop with Joan Goldsmith SOLD OUT
Please feel free to submit your name for the waiting list in the event of cancellations or a later presentation of the workshop.

November 15, 2019 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Benefit for Mediators Beyond Borders, Lecture and Book Signing by Ken Cloke
$30 per person, light refreshments
(All proceeds benefit Mediators Beyond Borders’ international work)

November 16, 2019 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Training with Ken Cloke – The Art of Asking Questions
$250 per person, applied for 5 credit hours, lunch will be served

Download PDF here

Contact Ian Mokel at The Conflict Lab (412) 391-7733 or to register for any of the four events. (Unfortunately, due to the size of the lab and to keep the experience intimate, spots are limited).

Advanced Mediation

We are available to teach a number of advanced mediation offerings including, Decision Making in Conflict, Informing Your Practice with Neuroscience Research, Apology and Forgiveness, Mindfulness for Mediators, and Advanced Family Mediation.

Conflict & You™

This two hour training developed by Next Element Consulting provides clear easy guidance on how to stop going into unnecessary drama and start struggling “with” others instead of “against” them to resolve conflicts with Compassionate Accountability™. It provides your team or organization with easy to apply tools and a common language for navigating conflict without energy zapping drama. The training includes the Drama Resilience Assessment™, which helps people understand how they slip into drama and their natural strengths to use to stay out of it. This course can be taught to a group or individuals can attend one of our quarterly trainings held at The Lab for the cost of $100. Attending one of the quarterly trainings is a nice way to know if this training is right for your organization. Contact us for dates.

Mindfulness Practices

The research is overwhelming that developing a consistent mindfulness practice helps individuals and groups have better focus, make better decisions, show more empathy, and be better listeners. A Mindfulness Practice increases the strength of your prefrontal cortex used in deliberate, System 2 Thinking. We can do trainings at The Lab or in-house to help your team develop an ongoing practice. We promise you will feel and see results.

Some of our other courses include:

Decision Making
(more specific course also done for lawyers)

Soft Skills
(more specific course also done for lawyers)

Better Use of Email

Conflict De-Escalation

How Women and Men Can Work Better Together

How Different Generations Can Work Better Together

Women’s Leadership – Becoming a Leader in Your Own Life

Creating a Growth Environment

We often customize our trainings for their specific audience based on what our client’s needs are and work with our Co”Lab”orators to make sure you have the right trainers.

Use Our Trainings to Help Elevate Your Thinking

Contact us to learn more about developing individual and team skills.

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